A Beautiful Film…after a long time.

Aashiqui 2

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Aashiqui 2. The remake of the old hit movie. And it was simply worth every minute. A visual pleasure and an auditory treat, this movie was an outstanding production and brought your emotions to live as well. Despite the characters being newcomers into the industry, their performance was simply outstanding. Shraddha Kapoor‘s innocence and Aditya Roy Kapoor‘s charm simply carries away the hearts of many. The chemistry between the characters was simply intense, pure and at times heart-wrenching. The actors have proved their caliber in this movie by giving their best. Expecting their next release soon.

A Plot Summary:

Rahul Jaykar, a successful musician and singer is introduced as the film begins with his performance. Despite his success, his weakness, alcohol addiction is shown to be limiting his career. The show ends with Rahul in a fight with Aryan, who throws a bottle at him near the end of his first song, Sunn Raha Hain Na. He leaves the show abruptly following this and drives to the local bar. He witnesses a young girl, Aarohi singing his own song in the bar. He is thoroughly impressed with the girl’s potential and believes that she will be the next superstar in singing. He follows her and promises her to transform her into a superstar and asks her never to sing in local bars again.

Trusting Rahul, Aarohi leaves her job at the bar and travels to Mumbai. She calls Rahul, just as he told her to when she reaches Mumbai. However, unfortunately, Rahul gets attacked by a group of thugs and is severely injured in the ensuing brawl. He is subsequently admitted to the hospital where he is under treatment for a month. In the time, Aarohi tries many times to reach Rahul. However, Rahul’s friend and manager, Vivek tells her that Rahul is on an overseas trip for a performance and neglects further calls from her. Aarohi gets despaired by these events and starts to believe that she was cheated. After 2 months of fruitless attempts to reach Rahul, Aarohi gets heart-broken and gives up. She goes back to working at the bar due her family’s financial problems.

Meanwhile, Rahul keeps asking Vivek about Aarohi, but Vivek lies to Rahul that he received no calls or whatsoever. Once Rahul recovers, he leaves determined to find Aarohi. He finds her in a bar and realizes that Vivek has been lying to him all these while. Rahul sacks Vivek and convinces Aarohi that he will help her and recounts his situation for the past 2 months. Aarohi decides to trust Rahul for one last time, and agrees to go with him. Soon Rahul gives vocal training for Aarohi and helps her to attain a music contract with his production company. Aarohi becomes a very successful singer and a sensation. While everything seems fine, rumors spread about Rahul and Aarohi. Rahul becomes distraught about this and gives in to his alcohol addiction. Aarohi who loves him, comforts him and moves in with Rahul despite her mother’s disapproval of her actions. Aarohi slowly helps Rahul to gain control over himself from his addiction. Rahul does fine and involves himself in other activities to keep him away from his addiction. However, an encounter with a journalist who accuses him of using Aarohi for his gains, causes him to turn back to his alcohol addiction for relief. He becomes violent and aggressive. A saddened Aarohi soon decides that she will take a hiatus from her career to help Rahul. Rahul realises that he is the obstacle in Aarohi’s life and will eventually cause her downfall in her career. One morning, Rahul promises Aarohi that he is going to change himself and focus on diet and a gym regime and drives off following a good-bye with Aarohi. However, it seems that it was his last good-bye as he commits suicide by jumping off a bridge. A devastated Aarohi decides to give up on everything and begins to move out with her parents. Rahul’s friend Vivek meet her, and encourages her to pursue her music career for which Rahul sacrificed his life and assures that it was what Rahul truly wanted. Aarohi decides to continue her music career and is successful. The film ends with Aarohi signing an autograph for her fans as “Aarohi Rahul Jaykar”.


A must-watch movie that brings back the emotions and liveliness of a true love story. Despite the sorrow, the movie is able to reach deep with the audience. The songs, both “Tum Hi Ho” and “Sunn Raha Hai” are both amazing and addictive.

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