Hmmm….Ram vs Hard Disk?


Well I just thought of an analogy for the difference between Random-Access-Memory (RAM) and hard-disk that has confused me during my younger years.

When your computer often slows down or lags, you’ve probably blamed it on your lousy RAM (like me)…

Well, think of you going into an exam. Consider RAM as the rough paper you use to do your working. For example, if you’re only given 1 sheet, then you are limited by the paper’s size and therefore the working space. The more sums you do, the more cluttered the workspace on your rough paper and the sooner you’ll run out of space. Similarly, the more programs you open and use concurrently, the faster and greater your RAM gets used up.

Hard disk on the other hand can be compared to the textbooks and notes you have. You can have many textbooks full of content, but the moment you apply a particular concept or work on a math problem, you don’t use the textbook. Instead, the rough paper becomes the working ground.

Well, that may not be drastically insightful, but at least that how I relate it to my computer terms.


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