Revolution 2020: A Novel

Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition

Credits to Wikipedia

Revolution 2020 was a particularly interesting read from Chetan Bhagat. In this novel, the timeline spans across 3 main periods, his childhood then on to his teenage years and finally his adulthood in Varanasi. The book starts by introducing Chetan Bhagat as a GOH to a commemorative event, where he gets introduced to Gopal the Director of the University GangaTech. One thing leads to another, and a reluctant Chetan Bhagat sits in for a drink at Gopal’s place. Gopal shows off his big house and his extravagant spending character. However, Gopal after drinking too much collapses. And in the hospital he begins his narration of his life.Gopal’s childhood days are one that an ordinary school student can relate to. Though from a poor family, he has friends Raghav and Aarti who can be considered decently rich. This period mainly focuses on how the friendship blossoms between the trio, while concentrating more on Gopal and Aarti.

Gopal’s teenage years exhibit his profound love for Aarti, mainly understood by his thoughts. However, when Gopal proposes, Aarti refuses to reciprocate his love for her, citing that she is not ready for a relationship yet. Meanwhile, Gopal flunks both his AIEEE and IIT JEE exams. This causes some upset since his good friend Raghav manages to become one of the top scorers in the district. After his father insists that he goes to Kota to join a tuition to mould him well for a 2nd time try in both the exams.

While in Kota, Gopal learns of a shocking relationship between Aarti and Raghav. Moreover, he also fails to get the required ranking to get into the University a 2nd time. Gopal’s father dies soon after, unable to take in his son’s failure again. After this part, Gopal is left to be an orphan. His relatives start pressurising him to sell his ancestral land under dispute for a meagre sum of money. Feeling lost, and unable to think of any solution to move forward in life, Gopal barely drags himself. While searching for a cheap private University, Gopal gets introduced to the MLA, Shukla.

From then, it seems like a turning point in Gopal’s life. He comes under the protective showers of the MLA. Motivated by the money that a private University can reek in, the MLA promises to settle the land dispute and have Gopal to run the private University (named GangaTech) in which he will be a ‘trustee’. Raghav, on the other hand, takes a contrasting route by forsaking his Engineering seat to pursue journalism, which he claims to be his passion.

Soon, Raghav begins publishing the MLA’s wrongdoings which leads to strained ties between Raghav and Gopal after disputes. Meanwhile, Gopal and Aarti get to become closer. After some time and persuasion, it is shown that Aarti is in love with Gopal. MLA Shukla is soon forced to resign after his wrongdoings go viral in Raghav’s newspaper named ‘Revolution 2020’.

But will Gopal eventually win over Aarti? Or will it remain as Raghav and Aarti?

That is the crust of the story. However, be ready for a rollercoaster ride as further twists and turns are revealed in the end.

While it was a good read, it was certainly quite difficult to accept the ending and just reminded me of another story molded from a Bollywood story.

Nevertheless, I am awaiting the next Chetan Bhagat novel excitedly, something that restores the feeling of 5-point someone and 2 states after reading the book!


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