Bye 2012! Hello 2013!

The Year in review:

Bye 2012: Well 2012 has been a long year, particularly for me, with so many ups and downs and mountains and pits to cross. But thanks for all those events, without which life would have been as mundane as ever. And oh yeah, congrats to all 2012 survivors.

Well, I learnt so many things through the year. Now, it’s time to Welcome 2013! And I know we will all get stronger mentally and physically through the year.

It’s another year another and of course time to make some good resolutions! 😀


1. Lose another 3-4kg of fats and gain 2kg of lean muscle.

2. Learn a new language. (Thinking of Chinese for now).

3. Learn Yoga and meditation.

4. Study hard for my Computer Engineering course.

5. Make loads of new friends.

6. Save up $5 a day. (Just want to see how much richer I am in early 2014)

Cool Stuff. Well I plan to add in more anyway.

Omg, less than an hour to New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. May the Upcoming year shed light onto the world and may humanity reach new heights.



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